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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-31

  • Without a Teleprompter and a script, @mittromney has no mind of his own. That awkward lull earlier was proof. #RNC #2012GOP #Current2012 #
  • Uh @mittromney doesn't care about the very poor so why is he talking about poverty? #
  • lmfao “@moorehn: What is that sucking/clicking sound Mitt keeps making? Get him a glass of water or an electrical engineer.” #
  • If yr not watching @current right now & enjoying the juxtaposition of @mittromney & our curated #InvisibleObama tweets … go look y'all! #
  • Invisible Obama and Mexican Mitt go to White Castle #GOP2012movies #GOP2012 #current2012 #
  • .@whoschriskelly Thanks for watching! #Current2012 in reply to whoschriskelly #
  • lol I need to do that too “@shananaomi: @dcap i have a whole set of belts i mostly just wear over dresses on days i need an IFB!” #
  • Homie Steven in IT at @Current just lent me his belt since dresses aren't walkie-friendly #Current2012 #femmeproblems #
  • Last @twitter UX thought: every platform=what U make it. If U see @twitter as some box 2 check off on a task list, I feel bad 4 U. Good luck #
  • 2/2 Just "playing" on Twitter has led me 2 more things that tangibly improved my life than some superficial "engagement" bullshit checklist. #
  • Gamers & gamification experts know this: basic, unstructured PLAY and EXPLORATION are essential to thriving in this world. Kids+adults! 1/2 #
  • When ppl R like "I don't have time 2 use @twitter just to play around" I'm like "Do U have time to watch commercials? Bcuz then U have time" #
  • When ppl R like "I only use @twitter for my job" I'm like "your job shouldn't trust U to use it then." Bcuz U don't get the culture that way #
  • 3/3 I've found clients, IRL friends+more by just taking time 2 be curious/not thinking about metrics. ex: 4am casual convo led to a gig once #
  • 2/3 When you take the time to actually get to know ppl, and explore your natural basic curiosity, amazing things can happen through @twitter #
  • 1/2 What some ppl don't understand is that some of the most favorable outcomes don't manifest through by the book "pro" behavior on @Twitter #
  • .@suzy_ex what's unfortunate=some ppl only like the choir. if they see something in their feed that challenges them, they unfollow. sad. #
  • The @twitter medium is conducive to micro-learning. 1/2 RT @suzy_ex @dcap I love it. If people can't handle what I have 2 say, then bye h8rz #
  • Me too. Oh well! Some ppl like their bubble. RT @lynneluvah @dcap It happens to me when I discuss racial issues. Unfollow. Unfollow. #
  • I forgot that! haha! So long ago right <3 yr welcome RT @jambajim @dcap U were the one 2 introduce me to @Twitter! I can't thank U enough! #
  • 3/3 @jenleereeves Ppl can use Twitter however they want, of course. But if you only use it to please your boss/teacher, you are missing out. in reply to jenleereeves #
  • 2/3 @jenleereeves U can tell when a person is new to @twitter & joined due to a class or job requirement. They don't get the culture. in reply to jenleereeves #
  • Nope, not what I meant 🙂 1/2 RT @jenleereeves @dcap are you seeing schools requiring students to use twitter just to gain followers? in reply to jenleereeves #
  • I suspect ppl get uncomfortable when Internet ppl force them 2 think beyond marketing/biz ish RT @lynneluvah @dcap That happens to you too? #
  • I smile when people unfollow after I say something real on Twitter. It's a great housekeeping strategy. Bye, lames! #
  • #nowplaying Total – Kissing You xo #
  • I'm not my @klout score of 69. I am not a pundit. I am a person, Daniela. If you want to really know me, all you have to do is reach out. #
  • .@klout is fun but it doesn't capture t true value i get out of twitter or what i bring in2 the lives of people who find me through twitter. #
  • I feel bad for @twitter newbies who come here from media studies/journo school & their core usage is some metrics/biz driven exercise. #
  • .@twitter is a valuable marketing/engagement tool & a part of my job but the interpersonal, life-affirming aspects R what brings me joy. #
  • In early days of @twitter, ppl weren't here 2 sell U on something. U came becuz U wr curious. U shared yr life – part I still love the most #
  • I appreciate what my followers on @twitter share and I hope you get something out of my feed too. Otherwise, what's the point? #
  • I care more about authentic relationships via @twitter than my follower count. Employment+Friendships+Love; thru Twitter since '06. #
  • My jewish step grandfather "Grampy" is a great man. He is 90+ yrs old, an artist & uses his kindle everyday. I want him to live forever :*(. #
  • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 “@peoplegogy: @dcap good for you” #
  • <3 I shriek every time I see you on #Current2012 on our monitors in SF “@shananaomi: @dcap good for you on all counts” #
  • I'm on a kick where I document the things I'm proud of, that make me feel good. It works 4 me. I have a lot to be proud of, I've discovered. #
  • 2day I edited a video 4 client from my hotel bed, replied 2 @POCZineProject emails, went 2 work+supervised 18 ppl, then dinner w pals. #boss #

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