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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-27

  • I don't think I will b able 2 sleep on this boltbus, knowing everyone's evacs R sloshing around next 2 me. #budgettravelblues #
  • Poop chair on BoltBus: the seat right by the toilet. aka the doodoo seat. aka ew #
  • I think if u have 2 sit in the poop chair on BoltBus yr chair outlet shd work. Dying phone AND hearing every1's potty biznes=not the biznes #
  • I think @corvida tried 5 different apps on android & iOS before we finally used android to create a word doc-based invoice. Google Docs=fail #
  • :/ not my fault iOS was #fail + google docs=buggy “@corvida: Never helping @dcap create an invoice on the go again #techdrama #techtrauma” #
  • TY for helping me <3 “@corvida: Mission accomplished using Android, but iOS was absolutely worthless for creating an invoice on the go.” #
  • After 2 1/2 hours on this bus, trying various ways to make a simple invoice via Google Docs on an iPad or iPhone, I give up. Trying apps now #
  • Google Docs for mobile is also a really terrible user experience and UI. It should not be so difficult to create an invoice on the go. #
  • Creating an invoice on a moving BoltBus with spotty wifi is the worst. Abandoned iPad & iPhone, using @corvida’s @SamsungMobile Galaxy S3. #
  • Baltimore bound #FeministBBQ #
  • +1“@LydiaChicles: @dcap ; Daniela thanks for the ad! Looming forward to future discussions & engagement #Technology #edtech #Community !” #

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