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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-07

  • For example, I joined the @BxLGBTQCenter board to support services for LGBTQ youth. Everyone has their priorities. Gay marriage is not mine. #
  • For ME, gay marriage isn't t right I want to focus on fighting 4. That doesn't mean I support #chicfila & their hate funding & worker abuse. #
  • Not a black/white paradigm. I can B queer, B against #chicfila worker harassment/anti chicfila & feel that gay marriage is not #1 LGBT issue #
  • In case my stance wasn't clear: 1) I don't support #chicfila funding hate groups/legislation 2) I'm against #chicfila workers being abused. #
  • .@heathr I don't support Chik-Fil-A funding oppressive legislation. My tweets = re: bigots using "free speech" as excuse 2 shit on workers. in reply to heathr #
  • I will now go play video games to awaken my brain & then work on my #sundance script for the second round deadline. #peaceyall #
  • For #chilfila tweet stream, here's my last interjection: the employees don't get paid extra 2 deal wi abusive garbage, from gay or straight. #
  • But no matter where you stand on gay marriage, your views shldnt make a #chicfila employee feel their safety is being threatened at work. #
  • 2/2 I'm happy for my gay married friends but this queer sees other rights as a bigger priority for LGBT, especially POC. My two cents. #
  • I'm one of many queer folks who doesn't see gay marriage as a priority, compared to jobs, education and food security for LGBT. (1/2) #
  • Homophobic in reference to #chifila = Interpreting a concern for worker's rights as trying to force gay marriage down ppl's throats. Lulz. #
  • When a homophobic AA woman accuses me of "forcing an agenda down ppl's throats" = doing the oppressor's work for him. Sad. #keepitmovin #
  • Thankfully most of t hetero people I know are informed enough 2 get that free speech doesn't excuse workplace harassment, which is illegal. #
  • Eat at Chic-Fil-A or don't. But don't harass the employees. That's what's happening now – to gay & straight. Not rocket science. #
  • .@SandraRose I am not forcing anything & I am not "you people." I am against workplace harassment of straight & gay ppl. Good day. in reply to SandraRose #
  • For an example of homophobia cloaked as "free speech," see the tweet I just retweeted. #
  • .@SandraRose Excuse you, I'm not attempting to force "my sexual lifestyle on others," I'm talking about workplace harassment. We're done. in reply to SandraRose #
  • Assholes across the nation R using #chicfila as an excuse to defend their bile as "free speech." Gay & straight. Gross. #
  • If its not clear 2 ppl yet, ppl used t "appreciation day" as an excuse 2 make Chic-Fil-A employees miserable on both sides. That is bullshit #
  • Difference btwn "celebrating marriage" & calling a Chic-Fil-A LGBT employee a faggot. Bigots want to hide their hate behind free speech. #
  • .@SandraRose The Chic-Fil-A CEO and his "appreciation day" supported a culture of hate, hurting his employees on the job. Inexcusable. in reply to SandraRose #
  • .@SandraRose I believe in free speech but that doesn't have anything to do with Chic-Fil-A LGBT employees being harassed on the job. 1/2 in reply to SandraRose #
  • lmfao!! “@meganamram: I don't get why they call it a "test" when Rorschach just painted my mom as a Jew-spider over and over again…” #
  • lol “@meganamram: Most arachnophobes end up secretly being spiders themselves” #
  • COMMUNITY: If you'd like to support the @POCZineProject tour, donate any amount you can via PayPal: Every penny helps! #

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