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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-08-06

  • Lmao “@perlapell: The young girl volunteers are trying SO hard not to obviously gawk at the runners' buns. Shifty-eyed sweetness.” #
  • OH: "It's a thin line between nice and rabies" #
  • wow “@KateGardiner: Revenge Porn's Latest Frontier – On The Media” #
  • awww “@Geekosystem: Nintendo Files Trademark for Phrase “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” #Geekovault” #
  • A day that starts with brunch and friends and ends with sushi with more friends is a little gift I always treasure. #
  • .@shananaomi I have to send it to #Sundance by 8/17 so any notes u can send by 8/15 – I wd really appreciate it. in reply to shananaomi #
  • I would LOVE that. I'll email when it's done, 8/10 “@shananaomi: @dcap do I get to read it??” #
  • lol! “@motionblur The future: having RFID tags pass thru your digestive system & live tweeting where food is currently located in yr body.” #
  • thanks <3 yr kind words mean a lot to me. “@shananaomi: @dcap impressed w your perseverance, lady!!” #
  • 2/2 I first applied 2 the #Sundance Screenwriter's Lab in 2005 so it means so much 2 make it 2 t 2nd round 4 the 2013 session. I'm hopeful! #
  • Watching "Beasts of The Southern Wild" last night inspired me to stay on track for #Sundance Screenwriter's Lab's second round deadline 1/2 #
  • Reads like a smear campaign RT @felixsalmon NYT prints gratuitous hatchet-job on a US athlete still in competition. Ugh #

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