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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-07-13

  • About to have shrimp gumbo in the french quarter. Bucket list item: check 🙂 #
  • @Favortreeapp @knightfdn awesome! <3 in reply to Favortreeapp #
  • We need more white tech startup founders & VCs 2 advocate 4 inclusivity & to factor that into their biz plan. True innovation reaches every1 #
  • I'm disappointed that many community focused tech startups somehow forget that actively involving POC & low-income ppl benefits EVERYONE. #
  • Less ppl wd think Star Trek was cool if only the rich & white characters knew how 2 use transporter tech. "Beam me (the privileged) up!" #
  • I think the 1st discussion @ a startup should include this question: how can we innovate & B inclusive? Distro strat @ forefront of planning #
  • 2/2 will only happen if FavorTree & beta participants partner w existing community efforts 2 help low-income ppl. Widen the circle+impact. #
  • The ppl who really need something like FavorTree are low-income, not hipsters who need to borrow a bike. So how will this happen? 1/2 #
  • If yr a startup creating community-focused apps & u don't make reaching low-income ppl a priority, yr just contributing 2 the digital divide #
  • 2/2 "can't afford outreach efforts w low-income ppl"=not an excuse 4 startups. learn from community organizers. sharing info IRL can B free. #
  • If u assume that bcuz yr community-focused app has a web browser version yr reaching low-income ppl, yr wrong. What is yr outreach plan? 1/2 #
  • Any startup focusing on community building shd be partnering w public libraries 2 make access 2 the tech accessible to everyone. #
  • I think if yr startup is about building community u must factor in outreach to low-income & POC-in advance. Responsible entrepreneurship. #
  • A great potential use of FavorTree cd B skill-sharing initiative in NOLA 2 help residents gain new job skills. Match ppl w low-income folks. #
  • My point is that a community-building app=only as successful as yr distro & outreach plan. Privilege plays a role in who finds out about it. #
  • I hope FavorTree founders considers barriers of entry & involves low-income ppl. A community = more than just ppl who can afford smartphones #
  • 2/2 bcuz if the intention is 2 build community, u R not doing it right if people of color & low-income ppl R not part of your outreach plan. #
  • My concern re: many social good tech projects = often its white ppl making apps mostly used by white ppl. Need better outreach strat 1/2 #
  • MaconMoney, another Knight Foundation community project, didn't reach many African Americans. How will FavorTree reach POC & low-income ppl? #
  • I wonder how FavorTree is going to ensure that low-income people have option to participate. They cd benefit the most. #

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