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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-07-10

  • "I look over your shoulder … and judge your tweets." – a line from an upcoming thriller #ihope #candymansvoice #
  • BK bound. Traveling with popsicle #itswaaaaaaarm #
  • .@santagati my dumb auto ish put the wrong twitter handle 🙁 see my last tweet if you want to RT for @corvida, TY 🙂 #
  • Trying again: My #One4One pick = @corvida. She's African American, a digital influencer & passionate re: digital literacy/ed-tech for youth #
  • A Challenge to Digital Influencers: Join The #One4One Game – Forbes cc #
  • My overseas accounts game=on point, yo. No taxes ftw, trust fund been protected kid. Word to pops' accountant. #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • Follow @blackgirlscode & @girlswhocode, two orgs helping young girls learn digital literacy skills. Hopefully @twitter shows <3 4 both orgs. #
  • lmao “@OneLegSandpiper: #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser Excuse me while I change out of these dreadful denim pantaloons.” #
  • Obama's just soft. My gardener Jose worked 20 yrs w out ever seeing a doctor. RIP Jose, best worker I ever had #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "If I have to kiss one more poor person's baby I'm going to be sick. No literally-they can't afford medicine." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "I bought this island and it's been super hard getting everyone who lives there to leave. TY, it's been tough" #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • Here's a defense initiative I think everyone will back: Gold plated people. How? Oh just tax the middle class" #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • 🙂 thanks! “@OhMeadhbh: fwiw, @dcap gets my vote for "best twitter avatar pic of the day"” #
  • "Exactly! Poor people ARE just jealous! Like Kat Williams said, haters gon hate. TY, I love doing that accent" #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "I caught my daughter campaigning for Obama. What? Oh she's fine now, Zyprexa does wonders." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "All us job creators should be so proud. And we've saved so much hiring overseas, they never get sick!" #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "Yeah I use the N word. What? Kanye said it was ok. Yeah, exactly, he's like the ambassador for black people." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "Rappers are rich – why don't poor people get mad at them? Maybe we should make an album … dawg." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "Who says I don't like Latinos? I trust my maid's son Miguel to polish my rare knife collection & he's six." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "The gardeners want raises? Release the hounds." #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • "How could anyone call me racist? My first nanny was BLACK and I loved her until I outgrew her!" #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • I hope the new Batman movie doesn't get those #OWS people riled up again #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #
  • A few hundred thousand kids will miss breakfast & lunch while we get another tax break? Sounds fair to me! #OverheardAtRomneyFundraiser #

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