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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-30

  • Since @nytimes is pulling from The Local, wd B cool if they devoted more resources 2 covering foster care/raise awareness. Their hub=mad old #
  • 2/2 Fort Greene edition of The Local was never good at IRL community & guest blogger partnerships. It isn't a relevant blog, unfortunately. #
  • I'm not surprised @nytimes is pulling out of The Local. The Fort Greene edition was pretty awful & there's no excuse, that nabe rocks. 1/2 #
  • new fave fake twitter <3 “@FriendFromHS: PHEW NORTH CAROLINA SAVED DA SANCKITY OF MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!” #
  • LOL “@jenstatsky: We get it, restaurants: you're all competing to have the cleverest "Employees Must Wash Hands" sign.” #
  • .@br TY again 4 speaking with me today re: my piece on women in the video game industry 4 @current. I'm looking forward to your feedback. #
  • .@elonkadunin Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me today! You are a very inspiring individual. #
  • #nowplaying Stereolab – Les Bon Bons Des Raisons #
  • Compiling notes, eating couscous from North African spot in BX and listening to Ladytron #multitaskingftw #
  • SUPER excited 2 include insights/tips from @Corrinne in my upcoming women in video games piece for @current. She'll be at @geekgirlcon! #
  • TY! 😀 RT @xMattieBrice RT @sparklebliss: Help @dcap find women of color to interview for a guide to the game industry: #
  • If ever I needed proof of the power of social media to inform and enhance journalism, my latest project is it. I'll do a recap soon. #
  • Excited to speak with Alyson Szymanski at @HaloWaypoint, @ElonkaDunin and others today for my women in video games piece for @current 🙂 #
  • .@mattlipan Thanks! Yes, it's funny how a simple interchanging of characters in a hashtag can result in a bunch of new info 🙂 in reply to mattlipan #
  • .@digitalmiss 🙂 sent you a message via your website contact form last night. in reply to digitalmiss #
  • Part of my daily research as a media pro and geeky artist is to fall down the rabbit hole that is @Tumblr for a while. #
  • .@_Eventifier_ I only see some photos. Where are the event tweets? I still prefer Storify. in reply to _Eventifier_ #
  • Cyborg chimp kills human! @GetGlue #TheLawnmowerMan #

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