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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-29

  • If you emailed me within the last few hours re: my piece for @current, TY. I will respond to those emails first thing tomorrow AM. #
  • LOL @ Limbaugh & other geniuses threatening to go to Costa Rica or Canada over Obamacare. LOL #
  • .@digitalmiss 🙂 I'll be emailing you shortly in reply to digitalmiss #
  • Did a ton of interviews today, among other things. My sister is watching "How the Universe Works" & my brain just exploded. Signing off now. #
  • .@gamegrl33 Great! Thank you. in reply to gamegrl33 #
  • .@laurenthedark Getting you several libations next week, thank you. Let me know time/place 🙂 (after 7pm works best for me) in reply to laurenthedark #
  • For those curious, I'm creating a @current mini guide for girls/women looking to pivot into the video game industry and succeed. Stay tuned. #
  • .@nyankobrulee Hi! I want 2 speak w more POC females who R video game producers, designers, QA folks, etc. Email: in reply to nyankobrulee #
  • .@gamegrl33 TY! I want 2 speak w more POC females who R video game producers, designers, QA folks, etc. Email: in reply to gamegrl33 #
  • Really enjoyed speaking w @sandechen, WGA Award+Grammy-nominated Writer + Game Designer, for my piece on women in video games for @current. #
  • I do have to say though that if you're a company on Twitter it's kinda weird to not accept questions about your company via Twitter. #
  • Will do, thanks. RT @Portable Email your questions to! in reply to Portable #
  • POC women who work IRL in the video game industry RT @MissWasserman @dcap @current are U looking 4 main characters who R female & of color? #
  • Still looking 4 women of color in video games 4 my next piece 4 @current. Want 2 make sure I speak w POC. Pls RT: #
  • Just had an incredible conversation w @amyjokim re: what girls/women need to do to be successful in video games industry for @current piece. #
  • TY! RT @Krochmal @dcap @Brett @critiques4geeks I quoted U in #Storify "@SMNNY's #WomenLead Opener @Ogilvy" at TY! #
  • .@heavenrants 🙂 not until i have some nice guns/can give tickets to the gun show. but yes they are coming soon! reward for healthy choices. in reply to heavenrants #
  • re: tattoo debate – some of most brilliant+successful ppl I know have plenty of ink. I have a back piece. Getting sleeves. It's all relative #
  • .@cnnireport I find it odd when media ppl who find themselves unemployed see it as static + complain about paying taxes that help everyone. in reply to cnnireport #
  • @portable Hi there, will you be offering any scholarships to low-income students + industry interns to attend the curators conference? #
  • Hi to new followers who found me thru #womenlead I tweet about @poczineproject, adoption, tech+social media, inequality & rad misc. ish. #
  • I used 2 get really upset when ppl misjudged me or trivialized my accomplishments but then I turned 30 & said U know what fuck it. I'm rad. #
  • Kids: when ppl "hate" on you, find the "gold" in that. Sometimes there's a kernel of truth/wisdom. But opinions are like assholes u know 2/2 #
  • If I truly cared what small minded guys (or women) thought, I wouldn't be living the awesome life I am living today. 1/2 #
  • There R men (peers) who support my work+there R men who harass me via email to express hate. Honestly, I only care about what I think of me. #
  • OMG Awesome! <3 RT @theChrisDavila @dcap I'm going 2 do the same process next year, foster to adopt. Watching your updates on this closely! #
  • I think my biggest challenge during this "adopting through foster care" process =dealing w the adults, not the kids. Return our call already #
  • 2/2: However still boggles my mind that a social worker wd not respond when they know that a person wants 2 adopt a kid from their caseload. #
  • Adopting from foster care 1/2: @adoptolderkids thankfully provided me w training to mentally deal w social workers not returning calls. #
  • .@laurenthedark i don't know why this made me laugh hysterically but it did. i think i just really like the name. ty for sharing this! in reply to laurenthedark #

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