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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-26

  • #buzzfeedbooks One Hundred Years Of Memes #
  • About time RT @womensmediacntr: BREAKING: @Facebook Appoints @sherylsandberg to Board, Adding First Woman Director #
  • After this summer I am no longer attending conferences where the entire speaker lineup is white or male. You bore me w your cluelessness. #
  • Please don't say yr event/conference is open/diverse if u don't make it possible for at least some low-income ppl 2 attend. Stop fronting. #
  • re: my previous tweet, elitism and class bias is so pervasive that many tech leaders are blind to their role in maintaining the status quo. #
  • I don't get why all these tech conferences can afford 2 give expensive swag but not 2 give free passes for some low-income people to attend. #
  • heehee “@bkbrains: only two spots left in The Art of Oral Sex: A Special Workshop with Babeland on 8.2:” #
  • re: previous tweet, by bogus i mean lame. not anything you can't google or follow on twitter. shadowing a professional = real-world insights #
  • you know …many of the digital media workshops offered @ schools are pretty bogus. you can learn more by shadowing someone who has that job #
  • #nowplaying AZEALIA BANKS – 212 FT. LAZY JAY #
  • Nothing like a freak rainstorm in NYC to remind me to be humble. Walked around looking like I peed in my pants today. #
  • Just had a great interview with Liz Buckley at @Majesco for my piece on how girls can succeed in the video game industry. Rad tips! #
  • Regardless of what people say or do, you make a choice to let them make you feel inferior or not. That's in your control. Know your worth. #
  • I need to speak to women who work in the video game industry for a @current story. RT + contact me! Thanks! #
  • Rain, rain, go away. Don't come back another day … or at least until the end of SUMMER because it's SUMMER in NYC, remember? #
  • favorite g+ comment re: my coding-literacy piece: "this is a terribly written article." i've arrived, bitches. #
  • wooooooord “@shananaomi: 20 minutes into #newsroom still waiting for an adult female to be called something other than "girl."” #
  • hot “@mindykaling: Azealia Banks and Kitty Pryde are in juvie and Im the warden” #

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