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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-23

  • .@sganim You are an inspiration. As a media professional and abuse survivor, I thank you for your professionalism and courage. #Sandusky #
  • Let #Sandusky be a lesson that white pedophiles can't rape black/poc boys w/out eventually being caught. Whiteness won't always save you. #
  • #Sandusky verdict=hopefully serve as lesson 4 other pedophiles who think they will never be caught. It may take yrs but your time will come. #
  • And why I say it's over, I mean the speculation can end now. #Sandusky was deemed guilty by a jury. But the healing process is far from over #
  • #Sandusky is guilty! 442 yrs wd be max. 10 accusers+his own son. It's over. There is some justice in the world. Thoughts with his victims. #
  • #Sandusky #039;s depravity extended beyond the 10+ victims to his own adopted son. If he's acquitted/walks away from this … I just can't. #
  • Even #Sandusky #039;s adopted son came forward and said he had been abused, a fact that the jury didn't know about since it's recent info. #
  • You betcher butt I'm waiting for the Jerry Sandusky verdict. All digital channels pointed to this topic. Will be announced in 20 min or so. #
  • I'm going to the "She Shall Lead Idea Hackathon" via @eventbrite #
  • .@jewyorican is such a cool mom. check out her post on @nbclatino: #
  • Hi @richmhuff! Thanks for reading and sharing! I hope you're doing well. in reply to richmhuff #
  • Catching up on episodes while waiting for editor feedback. I <3 this show! @GetGlue @BobsBurgersFOX #
  • .@corvida @anjuan I agree 100%. My experience working in service industry as a teen, & relating 2 employees now, reinforces my high standard in reply to corvida #
  • .@mitgc_cm Thanks for the #FF love! in reply to mitgc_cm #
  • "You've got to be polite girl! You've got to be polite girl! Show a little respect to your father! Wait 'til your father gets home!" 😉 #
  • #nowplaying Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One #
  • I'm working on a piece called "10 reasons why coding literacy should be a human right." Send me yr thoughts: #G4C12 #
  • In case U missed it, check out my piece for @current on changing yr life through gameplay: Keep calm & play video games #
  • if yr tweeting angrily – as if u lost a limb – about surface right now I am unfollowing u. getdafuqoutahere w yr 1st world problem bullshit. #
  • Anyone who is an expat in Egypt and sees the death and unrest as "not a lot," welp… #privilege #
  • An expat's POV RT @maraegypt: What's happening in #Egypt ? Honestly? Not a lot! #
  • It's interesting to read the completely contradictory tweets from expats in Egypt who work in tourism. They're like "It's all good!" dafuq #
  • Someone tweeted about chips. Below them, someone else tweeted about salsa. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is sending me messages y'all. #
  • Love that @ThatKevinSmith is in this doc "Bear Nation," totally cool with being a sex object/admired by bears & in Bear Magazine. <3 #GLBTQ #

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