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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-11

  • I <3 it so much, I also bought it 🙂 “@minchovega @dcap the family owns it, 1 of best docs about Latin America. It was only $20 online 2!” #
  • Gonna blast this in my ears the whole 6 train ride to BK: #discoDlikesdiscomusic #
  • Off to picnic in Prospect Park. I have NEVER done that. I feel so sheltered. Mouth watering for homemade southern delights. #Weee #
  • +1 <3 RT @OliveTonic big ups to @dcap @KnockoutNish @THEPALOMA @nickhook assss well! #
  • I've noticed that my average transition time, between meeting some1 on Twitter/Instagram/FB to meeting IRL, is a few months – three years. #
  • Four more days until I see @corvida again. I'm going to be so happy to see her, I'll squeeze her until her eyeballs pop out #cartoonlove #
  • Have a great day. #
  • & I do my best to listen to my POC allies when I don't realize my privilege, & change my behavior. I'm not perfect & I fuck up. But I learn. #
  • Last thing: I want 2 mention my skin privilege. Ppl listen to me more bcuz of it. So I use it as a POC to share truth w as many ppl as I can #
  • The lie we're all fed (incl whites) is that we have to align w one side. LIE. We have a choice. Break down the walls. Learn from others. #
  • Yes! Lol <3 “@NearJay: @dcap because of thr wonderful things we do (remix)” #
  • My adoptive daughter who will join me this year will b "Afro Latina" or something mixed w black. I educate myself 4 me & for her. Liberation #
  • I had an acquaintance once ask me why I had so many black friends. Uhhh, because. Because. Because. Because. #
  • .. but the longer we/Latinos deny our Black roots, the easier it is for us to be oppressed bcuz there's power in #s shared resources. #
  • I have privilege to share w/out it impacting my quality of life. I'm sensitive to that. Theres a reason many Latinos reject their history .. #
  • Yes. We are only helping those who oppress us stay in power when we paper bag test each other while in denial of our African & Black roots. #
  • I highly recommend watching the PBS series Black in Latin America. Episodes online: #
  • So be proud to be Puerto Rican, Boriqua. But if yr pride involves looking down on the "morenos," you are basically taking a shit on yourself #
  • The little hairs on my neck stand up during Puerto Rican Day celebrations bcuz more often than not I overhear racist shit re: black ppl. #
  • African, Black, whatever YOU call it — if yr Latino, most likely U have black in yr ancestry. Yr insulting yourself. Read a book. #
  • So many horrible things happen 2 good ppl in the US and other parts of the world because Latinos are in denial about their black roots. #
  • Even I, who looks like a refried Italian, have black people in my family & back in my ancestry. I wish more Latinos knew their history. #
  • When Latinos who only exist bcuz of the mixing of BLACK, European and indigenous/Native ppl are in denial of the black part, ugliness ensues #
  • Really tired of hearing Dominican, Puerto Rican & Cuban folks talking shit about black ppl. The ignorance boggles my mind (1/2) #

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