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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-06-04

  • See previous tweet for my "Sleeping Beauty" review. #goodnighttwitterz #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": It's a thin line between "artsy" and "boring." Can't believe Browning put up with old man balls for such a flimsy role. #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": I am officially bored. Emily Browning is merely a prop in this film 4 impotent rich dudes. A woman directed this 2 #womp #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": after just 1 sex work gig Browning's character is acting like she's a pro. Youthful arrogance, foreshadowing. Kinda bored #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": I'm intrigued by the one 60+ white haired older lady in a suit attending this weird dinner where all servants are naked. #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": Kinda hard 2 actually sympathize. Pretty+thin white girl=lotso other $ making opportunities that don't involve this mess. #
  • "Sleeping Beauty": Emily Browning looks about 13 w/out clothes. Uncomfortable feelings. Browning looks worried. Run, Emily! #
  • I clearly don't do coke as I called it "coke sniffing" bwahaha. Seriously, don't do it. #hellervadrug #badnews #justsaynoguyz #
  • .@queenkv It just started; there's some coke sniffing, semi hot WFW bathroom action going on. Will write a mini review later 🙂 in reply to queenkv #
  • Set up a PayPal method; I wld do it “@careyfuller: If I got $5/month from every1 on friends/followers, do u know how many ppl I cd help?" #
  • Watching "Sleeping Beauty" while wrapping up home stuff. The heller weird Emily Browning version w sex worker stuff that goes very wrong. #
  • .@daughterphoenix You are always welcome to crash with me during a visit and/or while you transition here after. Email me whenever w deets in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • "Would you lie/no/make me cry/no/do something behind my back and then try to cover it up/no/well neither would I baby" <3 #
  • Community tip: Before U farm out a chore ala Task Rabbit, see if yr building manager's assistant or other local person will do it. Also, tip #
  • "Tell them that it's human nature" #
  • .@leighalexander 50% why I left Bushwick. I don't regret my 2 years there but happy in South BX. Less douchebaggery + more community. in reply to leighalexander #

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