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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-05-29

  • slota work no “@hnigatu: Is this Chrome ad trying to convince me 2 write a hyperlinked love letter to ask someone out through google docs?” #
  • LMAO so wrong “@meganamram: Any bag of M&M's is Family Size when you're an orphan” #
  • *giggles* *wipes eyes* “@meganamram: 5 out of 5 dentists agree, I should stop pretending to be a dentist at this dentist office” #
  • LO “@meganamram: Crazy how you eat Chinese food and then an hour later you're still racist” #
  • lmfao “@meganamram: "Hey, my face is UP HERE and also OVER HERE" – woman in Picasso painting” #
  • I hope the train home smells like sand and BBQ. I love those two scents. Two scents I don't like combined underground: feet, ass. #
  • .@velvetboogie thought it was funny 🙂 in reply to velvetboogie #
  • omg that's one of my fave NYC spots, heart the garden seating area “@hnigatu: Wine garden at La Lanterna di Vittorio” #
  • TY! Would <3 to come see u in action next time I'm in LA “@wendycarrillo: @dcap omg u too! Take care of yourself mujer!!” #
  • plth rub it in :P. U. Me. @corvida. ATL = Daiquiri Factory >> “@laurenthedark: @dcap *wallows in 90 degree room with smile on face* :p” #
  • wtf “@velvetboogie: @girlsHBO telling a gay man that his voice sounds like a bag of dying babies #mistakesGIRLSmake € #
  • I'm going to have a heatstroke party this year. We can sit in the air conditioned dark & recover w popsicles & ice packs. + Jello shots #
  • I have white friends who handle the sun better than I do. It's embarrassing. But since I hate to miss out, summer = heatstrokelandia. #
  • OMG!! “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap Heatstroke is terrible. I got so dehydrated in Thailand I went temporarily deaf.” #
  • I'm also visiting Mexico again 8/12. This time I'll b prepared & do my ancestors proud by not being heat hivey & miserable 1/2 the time. #
  • Last September, while I was in Mexico for the first time, I experienced terrible heat stroke. I felt like a failure :/ #chicanaangst #
  • Def, thanks, that's part of my "NYC summer" plan too 😉 RT “@lilysea: @dcap floppy hat” #
  • My sun plan for ATL trip: sunscreen, constant hydration, portable fan, shades, light clothing & a parosol. I gives 0 fucks re: lookin' dorky #
  • The sad part about being a melanin challenged minority is that summer = sun stroke, falling out. H.A.M. Still going to ATL in July though. #
  • I should get paid to be a QA tester for iPhone apps. I already download them in bed, making a game of finding bugs. I can always find them. #
  • I should get paid to be a QA tester for iPhone apps. I already download them in bed, making a game of finding bugs. I can always fine them. #

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