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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-05-27

  • +1 “@NYCMayorsOffice Mayor 2 #Cornell12 grads: if u haven’t found a job yet, yr better off coming 2 NYC than sitting on yr parents' couch.” #
  • .@daughterphoenix Last thing: More & more established bloggers w/ a devoted audience are being recruited by news orgs, media entities. in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • .@daughterphoenix Any aspiring journalist today has a better advantage if they can code & are interested in data journalism. in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • .@daughterphoenix But it's a tough field even w a journalism degree. So self-educate, network, build clips, etc. But it's possible. (2/2) in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • .@daughterphoenix Yes! People don't talk about it but there are many amazing working journalists who didn't major in journalism (1/2) in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • lmfao “@WeirdHorse: West Philadelphia born and raised, on the hay ground was where I did most of my neighs” #
  • THE BEST “@natashavc: Bob's Burgers is great.” #
  • Is there a parody Tumblr out there giving passive/active voice advice? #pleasesayyes #
  • I love how @corvida is here having a ball checking feedly while I watch The Ewok Adventure. AND she just edited my tweet. #geekbossmob #
  • Just realized brother in The Ewok Adventure looks like a mini bratty bootleg version of Luke Skywalker 🙂 Been over 10 yrs since I watched. #
  • YouTube app on Google TV was acting weird :/ had to download RT “@ivanovitch: @dcap Why wait? I'm pretty sure it's on YouTube still!” #
  • .@daughterphoenix He ruined you. U can't watch The Ewok Adventure, then Star Wars. That's like watching The Guild with no concept of MMORPG. in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • .@daughterphoenix you can't just spring The Ewok Adventure on someone though. It requires the foreplay of Star Wars first. in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • that moment when yr waiting for The Ewok Adventure to download & you remember how many ppl front like they hated ewoks in the '80s #stoplyin #
  • best tweet award for today *hands over* RT “@maura: LOOKIN UP THE SKIRT OF THE NIGHT” #
  • that moment when someone you met on twitter engages in texting with you & you know IRL lulz are imminent 😀 #yayfrenz #

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