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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-05-07

  • 3D time (@ Regal Union Square Stadium 14 for The Avengers w/ 74 others) #
  • Enjoyed spending the entire weekend indoors before leaving for LA. Can't wait to see The Avengers 3D w @corvida in a bit #awwwwyeaaah #
  • *waves* TY for the intro, nice to meet you 😀 “@shananaomi: @dcap @Lizeeek that is like 1/1000th of each of your awesomeness btw” #
  • +1 “@Lizeeek: RT @dcwomenkicknass: Forty percent of Avengers audience was female. Imagine if they had actually marketed the film to women.” #
  • .@jennydeluxe's media consumption rundown is also a helpful checklist for some journalists, students. #
  • FYI @laurenthedark “@hnshah: A Silicon Valley-Style Incubator For Local Food” #
  • I saw the pics! Looked like good times. Would love to be at next one in June. “@santagati: @dcap You shoulda been at brunch! *waves*” #

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