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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • Enjoyed spending the entire weekend indoors before leaving for LA. Can't wait to see The Avengers 3D w @corvida in a bit #awwwwyeaaah #
  • *waves* TY for the intro, nice to meet you 😀 “@shananaomi: @dcap @Lizeeek that is like 1/1000th of each of your awesomeness btw” #
  • +1 “@Lizeeek: RT @dcwomenkicknass: Forty percent of Avengers audience was female. Imagine if they had actually marketed the film to women.” #
  • .@jennydeluxe's media consumption rundown is also a helpful checklist for some journalists, students. #
  • FYI @laurenthedark “@hnshah: A Silicon Valley-Style Incubator For Local Food” #
  • I saw the pics! Looked like good times. Would love to be at next one in June. “@santagati: @dcap You shoulda been at brunch! *waves*” #
  • Spending this weird day watching Spongebob and documentaries with @corvida while she patiently listens to my #cincodemayo rant. #
  • Award for misleading headline goes to “@MotherJones First it was our jobs. Now Obama wants to send our guns overseas!” #
  • yup RT @WomensHumor: #CincoDeMayo is the one day of the year where all white people freely toe the line of racism. #Sombrero #AyAyAy” #
  • I wish, then ppl would actually pay attention to what's happening in Arizona “@AZ_David: Everybody's Mexican on #CincoDeMayo € #
  • It's fascinating how culturally insensitive and rachet ppl can be in their pursuit of extreme intoxication on #CincoDeMayo #
  • reason #3 “@shesanightowl: Dear white ppl: look around u at who is wearing a sombrero. Are ANY of them latin@? I thought not #CincoDeMayo € #
  • this is reason #2 “@lovealwayskelli: Bout to get fucked up and puke up some Mexican food. Hollllaaa #cincodemayo € #
  • I don't celebrate #CincoDeMayo for many reasons. #1 is states like Arizona with laws that oppress Latinos while raking in $ on this day. BS #
  • Too many random boners + Oovoo & TinyChat more fun RT “@laurenthedark: Whatever happened to Chatroulette?” #
  • Yup “@Trina_Coles: Cinco De Mayo = MEXICAN CULTURAL EXPLOITATION for $$$.” #
  • ancient wisdom +1 “@MylesNMiller: @Toure whoever smelt it. #tootitandbootit € #
  • lol no prob, brainiac “@IdoNotes: @dcap and I thank you for that compliment. Now back to tht physics experiment” #
  • I'll take things making @dcap sad for 100 :/ “@ProducerMatthew: Woah: Alex Trebek may retire from "Jeopardy!"” #
  • My favorite people to follow on @twitter are all brilliant, funny assholes. #
  • There's a distinction between not being afraid of anything and working through your fear to accomplish your goals. Everyone has fears. #
  • TY. Diversity = more innovation RT @EmmaBGardner First woman panelist (@emilybell) now up at #activatenyc12 No person of color yet, right? #
  • Can people share examples of how real-time attribution works in breaking news on Twitter? Both in RTs, original quotes, etc. #activatenyc12 #
  • Can we switch to #activatenyc13 now that #activatenyc12 is fairly useless now with spam tweet after spam tweet? FYI @twitter #
  • This ongoing spam problem REALLY makes you wish for invite-only tag authentication option update for @Twitter #activatenyc12 #
  • This ongoing spam problem makes you wish for invite-only tag authentication update for @Twitter #activatenyc12 #
  • yikes RT @ckanal: Twitter has major spam problem. Try searching #ActivateNYC hashtag right now. Tech/media innovation summit overwhelmed #
  • wtf lmao “@meganamram: Paul Newman is the Tupac of posthumous dressing releases” #
  • he told me that's his real name “@corvida: Rofl @dcap for calling Justin Bieber, JASON.” #
  • Is Maybach O like when a bride takes her husband's name, but he's Rick Ross? #
  • I love that I have rad guy homies who come over to watch "Bob's Burgers" with me at midnight and eat popsicles. Sometimes I need a bro night #
  • .@Sara_Horowitz Thanks for all that you're doing for #getpaidnotplayed I didn't like the FU insurance but definitely respect your activism. #
  • I'm already following yr Tumblr! I'm so excited for you 😀 RT @laurenthedark @dcap It begins… in reply to laurenthedark #
  • Curious if @tumblr will offer advertising opportunities on all Tumblrs or just those that participate + enforce attribution #Decoded #
  • gotta have faith that your crazy idea just might work. if you don't have faith, why should anyone else? #

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