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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-04-23

  • mine too :/ “@dreamhampton: My TL is Game of Thrones and Atlanta Housewives everything.” #
  • +1 “@BritniDWrites: I'm learning that I don't have 2 argue my POV w/ folks all the time, no matter how tempting. Not enough energy 4 that” #
  • hehehehe “@BasseyworldLive: Donald Trump is launching a fragrance??? It probably smells like toupee sweat and thinly veiled racism.” #
  • .@corvida too much 80's violence. i know what we need in this rain. oh yes. Carribean Queen. Extended Version. #
  • .@corvida I was about to jam you and flat blast both of you/But I didn't wanna mess up this thirt-seven hundred dollar lynx coat #theraaaain #
  • .@corvida "I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags.
    I gave you things you couldn't even pronounce!" #theraaaaaaain in reply to corvida #
  • "You without me is like corn flakes without the milk! This is my
    world." #bouse #baws #
  • I wonder how many other ppl moderated a 2screen live chat from an apt in BK on a Sunday while listening to Wiz Khalifa. Probably 10,000. #
  • #nowplaying Oran "Juice" Jones – The Rain #andhim #
  • "I saw youuuu, moderating a live chat in the raaaaain … you were using ScribbleLive and I'll never be the saaaaaame" #sundayworkova #
  • #nowplaying Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg – French Inhale #rainysunday #
  • .@stephentotilo this might be helpful: in reply to stephentotilo #
  • Fascinating! “@JadAbumrad: "More than 10m square kilometers of landscape on the surface of Mars… is made of glass"” #
  • mmm nope “@junkprints: can one say that they 'saw Tupac live' if they saw a hologram of him at Coachella?” #
  • Think Like A Man was entertaining. I went to enjoy audience commentary but actually liked the movie. 👏No comment on the book. #

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