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Hi, I'm Daniela. Welcome to my personal lair on the Internet. This is where I write about storytelling, activism, technology and pop culture. Sometimes I post videos. I update my lair when the mood strikes me. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates (@dcap).

@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-04-21

  • .@santagati yeah. "every time i'm in the kitchen, you're in the kitchen. eatin' up all the food!" 😉 i'm a twitter night owl for sure. in reply to santagati #
  • .@hardlynormal I used one of your videos on #homeless & #hotels for a roundup on foster kids living in hotels/motels: #
  • Can't sleep. 2 excited about finishing the 2nd bedroom in my loft. Adopting teen from #fostercare this year. Doing home study in a few weeks #
  • seems like you are always awake when I'm awake. watching adult swim. “@santagati: Oh, um, and Eagleheart on Adult Swim? WTF?” #

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