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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-04-14

  • Not only is this cab driver bizarrely timid, he slams on his breaks so hard every few seconds that my neck is throbbing. No bueno #
  • Then had Oscar the Grouch jailed 4 living in a trash can RT @Gothamist Bloomberg names @muppetsstudio NYC's official Family Ambassadors #
  • I can't believe I didn't lose half my followers after all those booker tweets. You love me, spam bots, you really love me! #
  • The Kama Sutra just plagiarized Booker's diary #CoryBookerStories #
  • FACT: Dr. Seuss wrote "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" for @CoryBooker #CoryBookerStories #
  • Truth hurts but Mister Rogers was only talking to @CoryBooker at the top of each episode #wontyoubemyneighbor #CoreyBookerStories #
  • I heard @CoryBooker is a consultant on the "Backdraft" remake #CoryBookerStories #
  • When we saw fail whales, @CoryBooker only saw success cheetahs #CoryBookerStories #
  • When @CoryBooker plays the claw machine, all the toys fight to be picked #CoryBookerStories #
  • Holy Week apologizes for being late for @CoryBooker. #CoryBookerStories #
  • You know what they call a @CoryBooker in France? A Royale Hero with cheese #pulpfiction #CoryBookerStories #
  • LOL “@ZepolRXela: Cory Booker won a staring contest with Medusa #CoryBookerStories € #
  • The three wise men were actually there to see @CoryBooker. #sorryjesus #CoryBookerStories #
  • lol “@DavidSPJM: At age two, Cory Booker trained his potty. #corybookerstories € #
  • .@CoryBooker can START fires too, amirite ladies? #CoryBookerStories #
  • .@CoryBooker's @klout score is infinity #CoryBookerStories #
  • It's been said that when @CoryBooker sleeps with his contacts in, his vision IMPROVES #boss #CoryBookerStories #
  • lmao “@DavidSPJM: Cory Booker fracked half of South Dakota with nothing but his lungs and a bendy straw. #corybookerstories € #
  • When Mariah Carey looked inside her heart, she found @CoryBooker. #CoryBookerStories #theresahero #
  • Lol “@SayethSimon: Cory Booker is Carmen Sandiego's only Foursquare friend, she wants him to know where she is. #CoryBookerStories € #
  • After @CoryBooker defeated The Nothing, he helped Falcor track down his bullies and taught them a lesson #CoryBookerStories #
  • I heard the convo went like this: @jtimberlake: "@CoryBooker, how DOES one bring sexy back?" #CoryBookerStories #
  • The original title was "Are you there, Cory Booker? It's me, humanity" #CoryBookerStories #
  • I heard that Tumblr became self-aware & immediately spawned a "Fuck Yeah Cory Booker" #CoryBookerStories #
  • Cory Booker had a cameo on ST:TNG and he assimilated the Borg. They found resisting him was futile. #CoryBookerStories #
  • #CoryBookerStories Superman was like "Cory, how do I keep my job, save the world AND have it all?" & Booker was like "It's possible, man." #
  • nice “@joe_arney: Cory Booker doesn't get treated for smoke inhalation. Smoke gets treated for exposure to Cory Booker. #CoryBookerStories € #
  • F*ck Gryffindor, Harry Potter would have learned more in Cory Booker's house. #CoryBookerStories #
  • Just 2 clarify, I never meant 2 imply ppl don't use pinterest 2 find things 2 buy. I meant brands behaving like fake buddies there=bad idea #
  • +1 “@jacobsoboroff: Can we get a @CoryBooker superhero comic book? If @MikeBloomberg can be in Spider-Man then come on now.” #
  • Cain's Arcade = great example of aligning creative/business ventures with social good outcomes. Filmmaker gets press, kid gets college fund. #
  • Nice! “@Kotaku: Strangers Donate $130,000 to Cardboard Arcade Kid's College Fund” #
  • Brands that treat consumers like dummies who shld feel grateful 4 attention risk a lot doing that on Pinterest. We all see through that shit #
  • I don't use pinterest 2 "connect" with brands. I use it, like everyone else, 2 waste time + inspiration. Kudos to brands there that get that #
  • df RT @MagicSauceMedia RT @susanmernit Not the way to go–hire a reporter, then fire him for blogging about being hired #
  • you are hilarious lol RT “@perlapell: My boobs are so perky I wear an overwire bra to tamp them down.” #
  • LOL at SF peeps so amazed by their own weather. Half my timeline is "wow thunder and rain!!" #

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