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@dcap Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

  • Yep, lotta sausage. But true male allies help to address “@GOOD: Boys will hire boys: media is male and getting maler” #
  • 🙂 “@ninagarcia: de Barranquilla!!! RT “@TatoV4lenci4: No Sabia q @ninagarcia era Colombiana”” #
  • ha! “@Veronica I like that @audible_com has a Spring Cleaning sale, as tho all those digital books R taking up 2much space in t warehouse" #
  • It feels good to know I have a loving support network + even when some1 isn't there for me when they should be, I can always hold my own. #
  • +1 RT “@RadTV fav line in Pope story today: 'As the pope toured the crowd in a popemobile, he donned a black-and-white sombrero.' – @Reuters #
  • 🙂 “@mtvitamin: TY, @edward_burns; Everything you've done has inspired me to & instructed me how 2 shoot my own story.” #
  • If you all, especially journalists, are going to keep RTing that fake Will Ferrell account lying about #trayvonmartin donations… #googleit #
  • ha! +1 “@Hnics85: I love that after all these years I still sit transfixed watching Bugs Bunny unable to get ready for my day #GrownAssKid € #
  • .@JimCameron is always doing boss shit and his work ethic is unreal. Respect. #
  • .@rafikam I love your avatar pic so much in reply to rafikam #
  • Dick Cheney got a new heart. Maybe it will be like "The Grinch" and he'll magically stop being an asshole. #
  • Please @twitter, suspend @RealFerrellWill (fake) & take off top tweet status for #trayvonmartin donation lie. It's spreading misinformation. in reply to RealFerrellWill #
  • there is no #trayvonmartin foundation. This account @RealFerrellWill is fake. stop RTing donation tweet it's not real. #
  • Skittles should create a fund/foundation on #trayvonmartin #039;s behalf that provides scholarships to black youth. RT if you agree. #
  • Yeah mayne (@ Regal Natomas Marketplace 16 for The Hunger Games w/ 9 others) #
  • amazing lol RT “@perlapell: I'm pretty sure if you milk an alien you get Pepto Bismol. Good night.” #
  • I'm so proud of @corvida and other media & tech friends who marched for #travyonmartin tonight in NYC. TY everyone who is raising awareness. #
  • My health comes first. Life is too short. #
  • .@Alonafz6 No, bot, or annoying person. I won't follow @humboldt_jay because twitter threats are weak. in reply to Alonafz6 #
  • .@Techland Couldn't think of a few people of color to include in geek & tech? From Twitter? Really? cc @corvida in reply to Techland #
  • Cool! I may move back to Cali 😉 RT “@nmillions: LA Subway circa 2020. What the future holds for Wilshire and beyond!” #
  • So many damaged men simultaneously hate, fear and envy female sexuality. The root of so much oppression & violence around the world. #
  • If I read or listen to anything else about #TrayvonMartin I am just going to curl in a ball & give up on humanity. #
  • This world = crazy. People do monstrous things 2 each other. But thankfully there R many good people out there who act. Who fight. Who love. #
  • .@am_NYC love ya! in reply to am_NYC #
  • LOL at the @google Wave sunsetting email that came from Google WAGE #ohwave #hotmesstiltheend #
  • Hm! “@themediaisdying: AOL Prepping New Weekly iPad Magazine Called 'Huffington' :” #
  • +1 “@JanelleMonae: African Americans & ppl all over the world DO NOT EVER FORGET the struggle. You R free 2 stand up 4 things that R WRONG!” #
  • .@sethodell I want to be a shooter for an ep. of Man vs Wild too 🙂 That would kick ass in reply to sethodell #
  • I unlocked the Frozen Planet: Polar Bears sticker on @GetGlue! #
  • #frozenplanet I fantasize about being on shoots like these <3 @GetGlue @Discovery #

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