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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-02-09

  • +1 RT @lorrainecladish @Candypo @marieladabbah I've learned everything in my life on the job. Mistakes R wonderful stepping stone! #belatino #
  • sometimes int'l biz calls were in Spanish & mine is terrible πŸ™‚ RT @marieladabbah @dcap Why like an odd ball? #belatino in reply to marieladabbah #
  • Working @ MTV Tr3s taught me there R many different forms of Latino identity & mine is just as valid. Many gradations on spectrum #belatino #
  • When I worked @ MTV Tr3s in 2010 was my 1st time working w mostly Latino colleagues. I felt like an odd ball + also enjoyed it πŸ™‚ #BeLatino #
  • I support my community but I don't let their labels and boxes keep me from my own goals. To each his/her own. #BeLatino #
  • In career/personal life I don't wrry about pleasing Latino community. As a Latina, I do wht what I'm passionate about,life unfolds #BeLatino #
  • I am juggling both a traditional job, running my own (new) business and pro-social projects. Time management is huge for me. #BeLatino #
  • .@ProducerMatthew You did a fab job, thanks. #wjchat cc @wjchat in reply to ProducerMatthew #
  • .@nsandlin Thanks! Nice to meet you πŸ™‚ in reply to nsandlin #
  • .@nsandlin yes, knowing when laser focus=appropriate is important. but some ppl fear multitasking, so they miss out on opportunities #wjchat in reply to nsandlin #
  • Last protip: Learn to multitask. I was working through this #wjchat πŸ˜‰ #bossmode #
  • Q10: I've had projects take 6 months – several years to come fruition. Stick to it, make it happen through all channels possible πŸ˜‰ #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q9: My criteria for evaluating success depends on the project. Metrics are a part but IRL partnerships arer important too. #wjchat #
  • Q8b: I started & it's opened doors for me. Projects don't have to be hard but shld help you grow your skills. #wjchat #
  • Q8b: I start by listening to music and making a list of needs/next steps πŸ™‚ & observing my peers' projects progress. #wjchat #
  • Q8a: In this climate? It can be the difference between recognition + a raise and obscurity/being laid off. Real talk. #wjchat #
  • Challenge yourself by pitching ideas that require you to develop an existing or learn a new skill. That has helped me immensely #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q7: YES. 100% YES. Increases morale, spurns innovation and can lead to additional sponsored content options. #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q6: Utilize your network for feedback in early stages. When appropriate, contact industry leaders – many reply! (like me) #wjchat #
  • Visual pitches not emails RT @ProducerMatthew No idea wt "Demos not memos" means, but I think we coined a phrase during tonight's #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q5: Projects that require new tools that will ultimately be used for future projects. Holistic innovation expanding options #wjchat #
  • Depends on culture within yr org. Some places encourage ppl 2 initiate projects & bring demos 2 mtg b4 official launch, 4 greenlite #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q3: It depends on if the project idea falls within the scope of my duties. If it doesn't, I'll bring to my boss 1st #wjchat #
  • You guys…TY! <3 You both inspire me. RT @katefanfan Agreed! RT @jambajim: @katefanfan @dcap also forgot "THE BEST." #
  • @wjchat Q1: A "project," for me, is anything that requires more than a few hours of planning/execution + measurable results #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat LR3: I factor it in within the first conversation. #wjchat #
  • @wjchat LR5: It depends on the project but the project lead — if not versed in all digital produx skills — shld know which are required in reply to wjchat #
  • Hi #wjchat I'm a producer at @current (by way of @mtvnews and @mtvtr3s) and founder/CEO of DCAP Media. See @poczineproject for pro-social #
  • Lucky Ò€œ@wilw My house smells like cooking bacon. We haven't cooked bacon here since ever. OMG MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED BY BACON. #BACONHAUNTING € #
  • White House holding town hall @ 3pm ET TODAY 2 address educational excellence 4 Latinos. Follow #HispanicEd Live stream #
  • The TFI New Media Fund is now open for submissions (deadline 3/6/12) #transmedia #interactive #
  • Never thought I'd see the day when a trans Latina on twitter randomly accuses me of being cissexist/compares me to cis men. #wtf #goodnight #
  • I've helped multiple transwomen in NYC. I have a wide network of trans friends. Go ahead n call me cissexist based on misreading a tweet 2/2 #
  • Ppl who use language like "you don't earn points with me" in response to a polite reply clearly have a chip on their shoulder. (1/2) #
  • Anyone who accuses me of being offensive to trans people or trans issues doesn't know shit about me. Some pol just love picking fights. Sad #
  • .@metalmujer what? you clearly have no interest in actually understanding where I'm coming from. take care in reply to metalmujer #
  • .@metalmujer you're misreading my tweets. anyone who knows me knows my politics. i follow u bcuz I like your info. in reply to metalmujer #
  • lol Ò€œ@GirlFuturist: Santorum, surrounded exclusively by white folks, complains that Obama is privileged. RT @rkref < The GOP is irony-proofÒ€ #
  • :/ Ò€œ@zephoria Path uploads users' addressbooks 2 their servers w/out informing users. Who thought this was a good idea" #

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