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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-02-07

  • Don't ever elect me POTUS. If you did, I wld force anti-choice politicians to walk around with watermelons sewn up inside them for 9 months #
  • Funny how easy it is to police a woman's vagina w/out actually having to personally deal with the aftermath of robbing her of choice. #
  • Or how about abortion=illegal but every American is forced to help a rape victim raise their product-of-rape child? Oh, u don't like that? #
  • How about this: I'll agree 2 Ron Paul's definition of "honest" rape if every American is forced 2 adopt product-of-rape kids. Sound cool? #
  • People who are against abortion but don't adopt or take in foster-care children are also on my list of miserable shit bags. Jesus hates you. #
  • My point after all these abortion tweets is that this is a never-ending battle. Remain vigilant & call on our politicians 2 stand for choice #
  • Call me crazy, but I don't want white conservative males defining what constitutes rape as a basis for approving abortions. Guess I'm cray. #
  • Check out HR 3 Try explaining it 2 girls being raped by fathers or brothers who need an abortion. It's a horror show. #
  • .@JessicaHyndman Several new bills in the works, existing laws in several states, GOP POTUS candidate statements. Bunch of bullshit. in reply to JessicaHyndman #
  • Luckily there are some men in this world not brainwashed by the church who stand 4 the women they love. For their right to choose. THANK YOU #
  • And all the policing of our vaginas cont's because so many "good" men & women are silent or worse agree w unrealistic policy. Fuck apathy. #
  • Male privilege= thinking that "proving" rape beyond a rape kit to get an abortion is a task that traumatized women shld deal with. Fuck you. #
  • And sanctimonious women who agree with ppl like Ron Paul about robbing women of their right to choose can take a long walk off a short pier. #
  • As soon as sanctimonious men can get pregnant through rape, that is when I will give a fuck about what they think about abortion rights. #
  • .@kofi_annanomous You don't know what you're talking about. Go to NJ and ask women how they feel about paying for their own rape kits. Bye. in reply to kofi_annanomous #
  • "honest" rape if t woman can "prove it" is smthg out of twilight zone ep. Try getting raped, see how much paperwork u feel like filling out. #
  • As if Ron Paul delivering babies makes him an expert on what it's like 2 experience rape in a state with oppressive laws. It doesn't. Period #
  • .@kofi_annanomous did you even read what I said? god forbid any woman you <3 is raped & forced to prove it to get an abortion. go away in reply to kofi_annanomous #
  • In case anyone hadn't noticed, there's a war in this country on women's (cis and trans) basic rights to receive gender-specific health care. #
  • All women who support Ron Paul better put on a chastity belt cuz in his world only "honest rape" requires an abortion & estrogen is medicine #
  • I highly doubt Ron Paul & the rest of these GOP morons wld still be anti-choice if they could get pregnant. So easy to judge w out a vagina. #
  • I "honestly" want Ron Paul to be raped, then "treated" with a shot of estrogen. Let's see if his views hold after that. Just shut up, Paul. #
  • .@laurenthedark Will you share your notes with us? I am speaking on a panel that night. cc @corvida in reply to laurenthedark #
  • It's a thin line between love and hate. #sotrue #sewbuttons #

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