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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-25

  • "Pass the payroll tax cut right away. Let's get this done." #POTUS #sotu #
  • The white house app is broken. It alerted me to the livestream 33 min late #sotu #
  • wow RT “@zdroberts: They allowed Kenyans in Pattons army? #SOTU #sarcasm” #
  • #sotu once again, I will be RTing my favorite tweets. My goal is to capture the sentiment throughout the speech. #
  • Hip-hop made it possible 2 make stories of oppression & triumph over oppression viral & accessible cc @crunkfeminists #BarackTalk € #sotu #
  • Nice! RT “@cmc2: Five Female-Directed Films That Deserved Oscar Nominations via @canon_blog” #
  • Great resource for new grads RT “@blaisegv: Community Manager: A Day In the Life #cmgr € #
  • OH: "What are you up to?" "Boss shit." #okthen #stealingthat #
  • Nice RT “@CC_NewJersey: RT @The_ARF: Great recap of 2011 Social Media milestones for #infographicfriday” #
  • TY RT “@NiemanLab When shield laws aren't enough: Why journalists need to learn about cyber security to protect sources #
  • No prob, homies RT @TYTonCurrent @dcap thanks 🙂 #
  • .@TYTonCurrent THIS for today's U block resources! in reply to TYTonCurrent #
  • LOL RT @RickMarshall @dcap I like 2 think there was a guidance counselor involved i.e."Have u considered drug trafficking as career path?";) #
  • It's so deep, that talking shit about Mexico is talking shit about the U.S. We're that entwined: economically/historically/culturally. Deal. #
  • And thanks to our broken healthcare system, more & more U.S. citizens go to Mexico for medicine & surgeries. Our relationship is so deep. #
  • How many ppl know ppl who share stories re: their fun illegal Mexico adventures? Veterans, students-We're all accomplices 2 the issues there #
  • Mexico didn't just wake up one day & say "I wanna B a hotbed of drug biz & violence, wee!" U.S. and int'l laws played a huge role in that. #
  • I've been more aware of how American and foreign press paint the drug war and violence in Mexico, whiting out U.S./foreign influence. #
  • .@casiestewart I get it:) Cool. But yr tweet implied u were in danger. W/out context+that link=paints an incorrect picture of yr experience. in reply to casiestewart #
  • TY for sharing RT @rachelsterne 2011: Year in Review. @nycgov's progress realizing Mayor Bloomberg's digital roadmap #
  • See previous tweets for context but I'm getting sick of U.S. and Canadian peeps talking shit about MX, like we aren't bedfellows/responsible #
  • Millions US citizens safely visit MX each yr, more than 150k cross border every day 4 study/tourism/biz & @ least 1m U.S. citizens live n MX #
  • For ex: 111 US citizens were killed in MX in '10 & Americans still vacation n MX! Mexico is not out 2 get Canadians bcuz 6 died there in '11 #
  • .@casiestewart I'm glad you did 2 but Mexico is a large country. Like the U.S., it has unsafe/safe areas. Visiting Mexico doesn't =surviving in reply to casiestewart #
  • The only workaround I can see is not using the "retweet" option and manually RTing so that the WP plugin snags for my site. Still, womp. #
  • Womp. Just noticed that my WP twitter scraper plugin doesn't snag tweets I RT. BOOOOO. I RT 2 help me archive research on my site. Now what? #
  • Read this because it will help your brain get more wrinkly. #
  • That would explain his affinity for rodent-like behavior. RT @ProducerMatthew Mitt Romney's actual first name is "Willard?" #romneytaxes #
  • just read my timeline RT @patrickklepek Anyone know if there's a place to re-watch tonight's GOP debate? Missed it & I'm glutton 4punishment #
  • *smacks head* RT “@rosamramirez: Mitt Romney wants to do away with birthright citizenship?” #

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