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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-11

  • .@upshelp If @ups is unable to give ETA on deliveries to @soapdotcom then I won't order from @soapdotcom anymore, that's a basic service. #
  • .@upshelp @ups told @soapdotcom rep that driver didn't have a phone and they couldn't tell where truck was. it's 2012. that's inexcusable. #
  • .@UPSHelp if @ups can't give @soapdotcom ETA info then they can't promise next-day delivery, which is bad for customers and their business #
  • .@UPSHelp TY 4 quick response. It just arrived now. My issue = @ups cldn't give @soapdotcom an ETA when they called for info. Bad business. #
  • .@soapdotcom Pls update yr delivery info 2 incld that @ups will deliver next-day orders as late as 8pm. Customers need that info 4 planning #
  • .@soapdotcom should consider not using @ups to deliver orders. Rep called them and they cldnt tell her status of my next-day delivery #fail #
  • +1 RT @jonubian I really hate it when women highlight the fact that they don't 'hang with females.' U don't get brownie points for self-hate #
  • #nowplaying Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control #
  • Doing everything under the sun to avoid scanning receipts. *sigh* #giterdone #
  • I hope that #ows supporters and participants continue to do their thing through the 2012 election, remind ppl what democracy looks like. #
  • Also, #ows helped to stimulate the economy. People clicked headline links, TV coverage was watched, supplies were bought to donate. #
  • … and FINALLY acknowledge that peaceful protest is crucial to holding our elected officials and corporations accountable? #ows (2/2) #
  • Can we all finally agree that #ows protests and coverage (indie and mainstream) changed t focus t real issues: employment, healthcare (1/2) #
  • Follow my Tumblr for whimsical, delightful, curious & unusual expressions of Latino/a identity. #latino #ethnicstudies #

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