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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-01-07

  • For the record, more prominent black or gay members in GOP is only progress for the party to defend their legislation that hurts gays & poc #
  • How can any poc or gay person choose GOP #yourpartyhatesyou RT @gregvarnum 1st gay, black GOP mayor takes office in NJ #
  • FINALLY!! #stoprape Federal Crime Statistics to Expand Rape Definition: #
  • This web series "The Couple” is hilarious, especially the "bed side" episode cc @corvida #
  • Converse obsession could lead to world record cc @corvida #
  • "Just SAT": The best way to dismiss a fool #dcapurbandictionary #
  • those ppl need to SAT RT @jayrosen_nyu been getting many versions of all time, #1 most common reply tweeted @ me: "And this surprises you?' #
  • THIS, EVERYTHING: On Making Space for A Creative Life, Happiness and a Day Job via @kylaroma #
  • Before you spend a ton of money taking digital production classes, try a trade/barter w someone who does it for a living. You'll learn more #
  • 🙂 RT @keyboardP @dcap That's a front page tweet right there. / @brandonfoy #
  • You know, @reddit people are pretty damn cool. They remind me of what I first loved about the Internet. #
  • TY for sharing this RT @BritniDWrites Pitbull Samples Jay-Z & Kanye West For ‘Latinos In Paris’ #
  • I wonder if @kanyewest thinks about how news & entertainment destinations profit from his tweets/keep ppl employed? Maybe that's the point? #
  • [<3] Out-of-School Time Drawing Girls Into STEM via @educationweek #
  • THIS: "Relentless and cynical traffic-trawling is bad for the soul. Yes, I just said that." – Nick Denton, Gawker Media #
  • Hm! RT “@mashable: Nikon Debuts New Flagship DSLR, the D4, on Eve of CES –” #
  • ha! RT “@azipaybarah: "if u want to b a journo, don't study journalism" said @fud31. "i can teach it 2 u in an hour…emulate Toto the dog" #
  • Wow! Share w your friends RT “@youthjournalism: Tell your #journalism #teacher, #adviser about this:” #
  • SMDH RT “@LEBassett: This is insanity. State GOP lawmaker apologizes for email calling Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"” #
  • +1 RT “@axelalonsomarv R train this am, saw a woman lovingly wipe drool off her sleeping bf's lips then give me a knowing nod, like "'Sup?"” #
  • Lol RT @jenstatsky I know I like some1 if I scroll 10 pages thru their Tumblr. I know I fucking hate some1 if I scroll back nymore than that #
  • "It's not easy to beat down a fool and still look *singsong voice* cute aS a butTOn" – Reginald the koala #
  • Twitter pet peeve: Journalists who ask for info on story facts they can easily get on their own #openanothertabandgoogleitdamnit #itsyourjob #
  • when everything is connected to it it will be RT “@PBSMediaShift: Vinton G. Cerf: Internet access is not a human right #
  • Thought you said an ice cube lol RT “@jdsamson: just had to turn down doing a panel with just ice cube and myself. 🙁 maybe next time…” #
  • ha 🙂 RT “@hnigatu: yo this new version of google analytics is the shiiiit!” #

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