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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-12-31

  • 😀 yer welcome RT @TYTonCurrent If you want to see a very young Cenk as a Dungeons & Dragons card, don't miss the repeat tonight at 7 PST. #
  • I'm producing 2nite's F block on @TYTonCurrent. Hope I do @shananaomi & @chanelleberlin proud! Watch @ 7/6c. Channel: in reply to shananaomi #
  • I met @bobbybognar, the owner of yesterday. New biz. Really inspiring. Only 2 months in and planning another location. #
  • i wld never advise a startup of any size 2 not research demo RT @sethodell @dcap agree w you. When rent is on the line, it's not that easy #
  • researching the market & your demo helps u FIND opportunities and collaborators. competition involves collaboration — if yr doing it right #
  • i'm all about creation for its own sake but if yr trying to live off your creations, you need to research the market. period. #
  • @jeremymeyers there is collaboration in capitalism… vendors partnering with service industry need… etc. anyway. done talking about this. in reply to jeremymeyers #
  • @jeremymeyers also, i don't see competition as as bad thing or a block to collaboration. but it is there. in reply to jeremymeyers #
  • @jeremymeyers there is competition in niche markets unless yr the only one. in reply to jeremymeyers #
  • Of course there's such a thing as competition. Literal, bottom-line impacting marketplace competition. It's what makes capitalism great. #
  • ok. RT @jeremymeyers @dcap theres a big blue ocean out there. #
  • if yr selling a service/product, there is RT @jeremymeyers @dcap theres no such thing as competition. do what u do to the best of yr ability #
  • At least research your competition RT @chrisguillebeau Skip market research. Build something u want to use, and hope people want 2 buy it. #

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