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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-12-17

  • Finally, Michele Bachmann makes sense to me. #harhar #
  • .@CU_OralHistory Hi there! Have you heard of @poczineproject & are u interested in collecting POC zine histories? We can help cc @terrelldjf #
  • #nowplaying Eartha Kitt – I Want To Be Evil (Live Kaskad 1962) <3 #
  • #nowplaying Julie Ruin – Aerobicide #
  • .@smalldemons it's cool u remembered 2 include "french" as a search term tho. 16 books! wow! still zero for latino. wonder how that happened #
  • I simply tire of startups forgetting basic user queries in their taxonomy w specialized focus as the excuse. The end. #
  • Why wld @smalldemons make it impossible 2 search by latino if their prompt is "search title, product, place, etc"? Does etc not incl basics? #
  • At the very least, @smalldemons shld make one POC author available on homepage to dig deeper into their "serendipity" #
  • .@smalldemons your "serendipity" should not exclude basic search terms. as it stands, you don't. goodbye. in reply to smalldemons #
  • .@smalldemons people will search by labels like "Latino authors" and you should support that in your taxonomy. stop making excuses. in reply to smalldemons #
  • Your taxonomy, as a culture-focused startup, should function to champion diversity. Search results shld not be 100% white. Inclusivity = $ #
  • I have a lot of <3 for discovery sites like @smalldemons & I hope they improve search to incl more ways to find POC authors/connections #
  • @smalldemons If ppl are looking for new books/connections they will use terms & you list that as an option. Pls work on diversity ASAP. TY in reply to smalldemons #
  • .@smalldemons I find it odd and unfortunate there are no results for latino or chicano on your site. many great books ppl are missing. #
  • THIIIIIIIIIS re: @genemarks' mind-boggling cluelessness + white male privilege #

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