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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-12-11

  • .@dedmonds thanks! i used an online editing site to customize it (no app, boo): — i hope they release an iPhone app soon in reply to dedmonds #
  • TY! “@TheDandy: @dcap Thanks for letting me know! Great article, let's hope it makes those busybodies at Gmail see the error of their ways!” #
  • . @corvida I see yer using the Flipboard iPhone app at the salon. Way to be a BK digirati hipster. 😉 #
  • +1 “@corvida: I want in my room!
    RT @dornobdesign: Air-Powered, Star-Trek-Inspired Sliding Door 4 DIY Geeks cc @dcap” #
  • Gasp! I found my childhood babysitter on Twitter! Hi, @darlynnester! She always played the best music in her car. <3 #
  • @mathewi I did a Storify roundup yesterday covering that gmail/g+ integration, would appreciate feedback: in reply to mathewi #
  • Nice! RT “@rosamramirez: Newt’s half sister, a gay-rights activists, says she's voting for Obama:” #
  • Gmail's redesign: Why advertisers will benefit more than the user via @Storify #

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