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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-09-28

  • @nmillions I'm sad we missed each other in NY! I'll be in Cali in Nov. I like your new userpic, btw 😀 #
  • My answer on @Quora to: What are some cultural faux pas in New York? #
  • yes, feel free to tell cabs which route to take! RT @brainpicker cultural do's and don'ts of life in New York #
  • I just donated to support the 2012 @BarackObama campaign before the September 30th fundraising deadline. Join me here: #
  • Hey @thelampnyc! TEDYouth is November 19 in NYC & they're accepting applications! Pass it on! 300 seats 6-12 graders #
  • Good! RT “@digiphile: U.S. House turns on live XML feed @SpeakerBoehner held #opengov promise:” #
  • Had a great first mtg with my new mentor David Edelstein at Click 3x Entertainment. We're part of the promaxbda executive mentorship program #
  • Susan Sarandon knows #occupywallstreet is working (pic) #
  • These complacent journalists @ their desks, idly reporting off bad reporting. Go down there & talk 2 people- more than 1 #occupywallstreet #
  • If @motherjones doesn't publish a follow-up post detailing how #occupywallstreet IS working, I am canceling my subscription. Fuck that. #
  • Even teenagers w/out journo degrees understand the potential of #occupywallstreet Thank God for the livefeed and first-person accounts. #
  • @motherjones, one of my fav publications, let down #occupywallstreet today. Yes, saying "not working" this early IS throwing it under a bus. #
  • Lauren Ellis cld have easily written a piece called "how #occupywallstreet IS working" but chose 2 nitpick in the EARLY STAGES of a movement #
  • Any "journalist" who claims #occupywallstreet "isn't working" doesn't have a clear grasp of the democratic process — or Internet access. #
  • Thanks! In the meantime, pls watch this — Lauren Ellis should have: RT NickBaumann nbaumann [at] motherjones [dot] com #
  • @NickBaumann If you truly want to have a discussion about it at any point, DM me your email. I don't debate on Twitter. Thanks 4 responding. in reply to NickBaumann #
  • @NickBaumann I wouldn't comment on an article I didn't read. :/ The movement is working, anyone watching can see the support growing. in reply to NickBaumann #
  • @motherjones You are the LAST publication I would have guessed would throw #occupywallstreet under a bus. It's a new movement. Be patient :/ #
  • Really??? *SNL voice* SEO baiting at the expense of many #fail RT @motherjones Why #occupywallstreet Isn't Working #
  • Street art! RT @ goodglobalcitiz Filming in Belize & Costa Rica..What would YOU like to see covered in's next series? #

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