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Hi, I'm Daniela. Welcome to my personal lair on the Internet. This is where I write about storytelling, activism, technology and pop culture. Sometimes I post videos. I update my lair when the mood strikes me. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates (@dcap).

@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-08-10

  • Just posted a photo #
  • The Kills at T5 tonight! Psyched and very ready to lose myself in tunes. #
  • Since this has been happening a lot this week: Please don't send me PR-related inquiries as Twitter DMs. I can't imagine anyone liking this. #
  • @MyWebCareer Great! Thanks for responding. You should allow people to add their Tumblr accounts and fan pages. in reply to MyWebCareer #
  • Whateva, #nyc rain. You're not keeping me from T5 tonight. NO YOU ARE NOT. #
  • um. why is spongebob my icon right now? i did not do that. #lol #wtf #
  • Of course there is traffic on the fdr at this ungodly hour. At a standstill. #wanttogotosleepmode #

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