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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2011-08-04

  • workin' it out (@ Countdown With Keith Olbermann) #
  • @AlexAtIntel HA! in reply to AlexAtIntel #
  • +1 😉 RT @jeremymeyers @dcap I blogged about that… "There's nothing inherently useful about being an early adopter" #
  • Early adopters in any industry have to be patient while championing their strategy proposals/ideas. Resistance is par for the course. #
  • I remember the days when journo colleagues thought it was weird how fanatical I was about Twitter/social media. Now, all tweet their stories #
  • FYI, @countdownKO is on RIGHT NOW on @current. Coming up: What's next for the economy, secret surveillance law info, Worst Persons, and more #
  • @robpratten yer welcome! i found it so handy, i bought the kindle version to have on-hand during my subway-as-library jaunts in reply to robpratten #
  • hey @twittersuggests, maybe fix your algorithm so you stop suggesting people who are already following each other? #justsayin #
  • hey y'all, @foursquare is hiring for multiple positions: #
  • Beck = trash bag RT @filmfuturist Huh? RT @Storyful Glenn #Beck blames Michelle #Obama for new multi-racial #spiderman #
  • – test pt 2 complaining about audio #
  • using twitvid is a wonky UI for me. my internal mic settings on my laptop are kosh but the levels on my clips are suuuuuper low. hm. #
  • – test test test 😛 #
  • testing #BubbleTweet –> #
  • :/ if only RT @MotherJones US's richest 400 could pay off all the nation's student loans & still be billionaires. #fb #
  • "Catfish," a thriller-ish social networking gem, made No. 42 on @Current's "50 Documentaries to See Before You Die." #
  • no prob! congrats on your new gig! RT @grmeyer @dcap thanks for sharing #
  • TY, I just emailed RT @FedexRobin @dcap This is FedEx Robin. Would U mind emailing me the details so I can pass it on? #
  • This guy found a job by participating on @Quora It pays to share knowledge, yep #socialmedia #employment #jobsearch #
  • great resource RT @jlbhart Getting started in #transmedia a 'How-to' RT @robpratten: #
  • Ha! RT @katefanfan Dear person doused in perfume, I'm so thrilled to be seated next to you on this flight. On opposite day. #
  • @wesbos any help would be most appreciated, thanks. looking for evening and weekend classes for both in sept. in reply to wesbos #
  • training RT @wesbos @dcap training or having someone develop one? #
  • Besides @rollingstone, @bxwebb will be in People (iPad), Who Magazine (Australia) & Rolling Stone Brazil. I'll say it again: hire her now! #
  • Don't miss Bashira Webb aka @bxwebb's double page spread in @rollingstone on August 5th(friday)! (1/2) #
  • Tweeps: Who provides reputable, results-oriented HTML5 and mobile app classes in NYC? #
  • @FedexRobin doesn't ever save my changes and in-person rep always directs me to call a # to address issues. hope site is addressed #
  • @FedexRobin why is always down, and why can't reps at fedex stores update your account info in person? it's incredibly frustrating #
  • exciting “@Soledad_OBrien: Tomorrow is the big day for the 8 entrepreneurs we're featuring in the next #blackinamerica” #

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