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Behind “Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Sounds Off”

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is one cute misanthrope.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, circa 2007

The recent Uncensored Interview newsletter included this piece that I cut for them last December:

Oh MBAR, it was a joy listening to your self-deprecating humor for seemingly endless hours. But seriously, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is riddled with some crazy young-dude angst. How can a guy be so the-trombone-of-failure-sound when he calls the guys from TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear his friends, has a record deal and is playing a showcase at SXSW next month?

Yes! This lucky bastard is playing at SXSW in the Saddle Creek Showcase on 3/18 at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room. Do you still feel sorry for him? If you’re a girl with hetero proclivities, then probably yes. He’s a downer but still very cute. Sigh.

Luckily, the last time MBAR spoke to Uncensored Interview he seemed to be feeling better about life, which I hope is reflected in the piece. Hear the Brooklyn songwriter sound off on cleaning up his act, writing songs while surfing couches, growing up in showbiz and transcending the past.

I incorporated images that I had taken at the last JellyNYC Pool Party held at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park Pool. I was there shooting Ebony Bones and took them for personal reasons, not knowing that I would eventually use any of them in a work piece.

The moment that MBAR mentions actually happened in 2007, while my photos were taken in 2008, but I still think it works.

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