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Blog Stress & Grown Up Milestones

– Daniela and her Mama

I know I haven’t blogged consistently in over a week. This is due in part to an increased focus on supporting my best friends, additional work responsibilities, and being preoccupied with moving and travel details. It’s true – I am moving into my own apartment (no roommates) Sept 1st and last Thursday I flew back to Cali after 2+ year absence.

My blog habits are frustrating me a little because it’s not for lack of content. I continue to read my 200+ favorite blogs, magazines (Fast Company, Wired, Business 2.0, etc.) 2+ books per week (currently in my giant purse is The Tipping Point). I am always pondering all sorts of things related to social media and technology, but not at a time that places me in close proximity to a computer. My original use for this blog was to document my thoughts on new media and important events in my life. Perhaps it’s time I break down and get myself a blackberry, because I cannot count how many times I’ve been in a remote place cursing myself for not having at least a pen and a napkin to jot down a thought.

Twittering these thoughts are an option, and then expanding on them later in a blog post. But I don’t want to contribute to my friends bacn, and in many cases I prefer to mull something over before broadcasting it to the world. If I was able to save a blog entry draft from a mobile device like a blackberry, I would probably blog a lot more than I do now. Hmm. I’ll think about it.

Nomadic Daniela – Coming to an End?

Since relocating to NYC in September of 2004, I have moved five times. Five. Times. Why so many moves? The chaotic life of a transplant freelancer, I guess. But now there seems to be a distinct rhythm to my life and I want this reflected in a brand new scene. I’ve decided that Brooklyn is going to be the place where I take the historic step of living alone for the first time.

Technically I’ve had two apartments that were my own in California, but I was in relationships at the time and so truly, those were shared situations. Now, I’m in the processing of finalizing paperwork on an apartment in East Williamsburg that will serve as my fortress of lady solitude. Me, in a big (relatively speaking) one bedroom all to myself. Me, controlling every aspect of design, layout, and cleanliness. Me, developing my culinary skills in a kitchen that mine mine mine. Me, inviting people over and being able to tell them to leave at my discretion. Me, having the space and security to work on my creative projects.



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