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Weekend Linkage: Inspiring, Moshing, Travel, & Jealousy!

Watch This (TV)

 Gay or Straight? on YahooNews – 60 Minutes explores  childhood gender nonconformity

Rent/Download This (Film) – American Hardcore

This doc serves as a great primer for anyone remotely interested in the early 80’s hardcore scene. I am not crazy about music that’s mostly shouted/screamed, but I really enjoyed this film and the interesting characters who made up the hardcore movement/subculture.

In addition to historical show footage, this film contains interviews with legendary figures of the era (Henry Rollins of Black Flag, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat, H.R. of the Bad Brains, etc.) Learning about their influences, inspirations, and personal experiences enriched my understanding of a truly DIY music subculture that largely taught themselves to play, found their own venues, promoted their own shows, distributed their own records, and supported an under credited scene that influenced many current mainstream acts.

Peep This (blog) 

Gridskipper: The Urban Travel Guide- I am going to Paris in a week (woOt), and found this site to be incredibly handy. It has constantly updated information on cool things to do and see in practically every spot in the world. Don’t overlook the comments area of the entries – sometimes you’ll find even better suggestions from other readers.

Add This (MySpace) – NewFest

As New York City’s premier LGBT film organization, NewFest empowers, educates, entertains, and provokes the culturally rich and diverse communities of the greater metropolitan region. Through our annual film festival and year-round programming, NewFest showcases international, US, and local film, video, and other media, fostering a greater sense of awareness and community among LGBT and LGBT-friendly audiences.

– I recently became their MySpace page manager/Queen, so peep the page and add like mad.

Barnes is Jealous

I went to Nine West before work this morning and bought these:

…in red and black   ^_^


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