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CHiPs to Vada Sultenfuss

via flickr

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Valderrama (creator, producer, and host of the MTV series Yo Momma) will star in Warners’ big-screen adaptation of CHiPs.


Meanwhile, Erik Estrada, who starred as Ponch in the 1970’s original series, was in a very short lived reality series called Armed & Famous that only aired for one month in January 2007. Despite this mar on an otherwise interesting career, he finally received his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame this April.

Trying to connect Estrada to Vada Sultenfuss:

When I worked as a casting assistant on Stick It In Detroit, Estrada was the preferred choice for a wacky character named Chi-Chi “the bull” Montegro. Unfortunately for him, he passed on it. Anna Chlumsky (of My Girl fame) also auditioned for Stick It In Detroit but was passed over. She was featured recently on NBC’s 30 Rock.

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