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A @dcap recap: Daniela Capistrano’s favorite memories from 2012

I remembered that I did some sort of “2012 recap” a few months ago, and that a lot of significant stuff had happened since then, but I couldn’t remember what. I had to spend several hours eating chocolate and racking my memory banks, but the result of that sacrifice is the list of moments* below.

my feelings about access to air conditioning in #miami #hallelujah
Daniela Capistrano, self portrait (Nov. 23, 2012)

What you are about to read are the events from 2012 that make me feel good about being alive. What I am taking away from these memories are the following three lessons:

1) It’s really important to make yourself leave your house, even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

2) Channeling your anger into fuel for doing good things in the world is a lot less expensive than drinking a lot.

3) Sometimes you just need to take a self-timeout and have a popsicle before reacting in a harsh manner. Give yourself time to consider your response.

Enjoy the memories! It might make more sense if you scroll to the bottom and read it from January to December instead of December back to January, but, you know … do you :)

December 2012