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Improving A few small but significant changes DOITT should implement by January 1, 2012

The @nycdigital Twitter account recently solicited feedback on their site redesign via Tumblr. I wanted to share my ideas but not under my Tumblr name, which is the only option through their submission form. So, I’m tweeting this post with my ideas to the DOITT team and Rachel Sterne. Hey, it worked last time! Many

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The art of perseverance: don’t forget your network

“Perseverance” is one of those long, solemn-sounding words that invokes an elderly person encouraging you to rake the lawn. We’re told that perseverance will get you through anything — persevere and you will overcome obstacles. “Persevere” is the know-it-all brother to “don’t give up.” If you couldn’t tell so far, I have a touchy relationship

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